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How do you transform space and history?


Tonsley is Australia’s first innovation district focused on driving change and connecting like-minded businesses in innovation.

But how did it get there?

Join us on a “moving story’’ to explore the transformation of Tonsley over the last few years and learn how the space has become a leading example of policy rethinking and an exemplar of the power of physical change to spark a new economy.

Led by Megan Antcliff, Director Investment Attraction South Australia, this ChangeHub will start at the New Venture Institute (NVI) with a presentation by Megan, followed by an informative tour of the Tonsley precinct.

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Tonsley. A model for change. | 12 May 2017 

Date: Friday 12 May 2017

Time: 7.30 am arrival for a 7.45am start; to 9.00 am finish

Venue: Tonsley Innovation Precinct, 1284 South Rd, Clovelly Park.
Meet at the New Venture Institute (NVI), Flinders University, Tonsley.

Tickets: $25.00 plus the Eventbrite fee. Price includes breakfast, your preferred caffeine hit and refreshments. Please tell us if you have any special dietary requirements when you book your ticket.

This ChangeConnect Hub is kindly supported by New Venture Institute.

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Coaching, Change and the seven-year walk | 8 February 2017


Megan Fraser, Learning Manager and Lead Coach at BAE Systems Australia, presented her insight and experience in how coaching is being used inside Australia’s largest defence contractor to drive critical business changes.

Megan shared BAE Systems Australia’s strategy for building an integrated approach to coaching over time and what they learnt along the way, including what worked and the traps and pitfalls

Her presentation covered the role coaching can play in effective change management. And how as change practitioners, professionals can develop and maintain coaching skills.

Presenter: Megan Fraser, Learning Manager and Lead Coach at BAE Systems Australia


This ChangeConnect Hub was kindly supported by Hood Sweeney.

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Agile the new black  |  31 August 2016, Adelaide 

Agile is the ‘in word’ for change management at the moment. Yet irrespective of the trend or the hype, the context is relevant – an agile approach to change has rigour.

But what does agile mean to change agitators (aka practitioners)? How does it impact our current approaches? Our frameworks? Our processes? Have our tools now become redundant or are they still valid? And if we are not yet agile, how do we evolve?

The emotion of change    |  23 September 2015

We are taught to keep a stiff upper lip and to maintain the facade. We think we shouldn’t talk about or express emotions, as that is a sign of weakness and instability. As children we are told to be a ‘brave little boy and not cry’, or to be a ‘good little girl and act like a man’.

In other words, emotional expression, openness and honesty have been conditioned out of us. Yet, suppressing emotions doesn’t make them go away. In fact they become a barrier to change.

How can change managers foster a more functional emotional climate to enable staff to deal with, let go of the past and embrace the change? What emotions should change managers be most aware of? How can emotional intelligence help this process? These concepts will be explored and discussed with Professor James Carlopio.

Presenter:    James Carlopio

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Overcoming resistance to change    |  6 May 2015

Overcoming resistance to change – The importance of symbols, storytelling and leadership engagement in driving cultural change.

Presenter:  Andrea Johansen, Senior Manager Employee Communications, People and Performance at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Date:      6 May 2015 5.30 to 7.30 pm
Venue:   Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, 80 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
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